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2701 SE Maricamp Rd #103, Ocala, Fl 34471

I've lived in the Ocala area since 2017. Before I moved to Florida I lived in the small town of Wilmington, Ohio; merely half the town that Ocala is, surrounded by corn fields in every direction. Growing up my interests were in football and baseball among the many others. Chances are we probably have some similar interests! I moved to Ocala early in the year of 2017, not knowing anyone except my hometown friend I moved in with. Along my journey here in Florida I've met numerous friends and built some of the strongest relationships. Up until January of 2022 I was a manager in operations at FedEx Ground, I then decided I wanted to pursue another career. Which just so happened to be Real Estate. I contacted my Broker, Rhonda Buckner, whom sold me my first home and explained to her the interest I had. She emailed a link to me on how to sign up for the course, and well, here we are today! I couldn't be more thankful of her for taking me in and guiding me along the way. Established in mid 2022 I have begun my Real Estate career and I am putting all of my effort into helping you! Whether its buying, selling or investing, my main priority is providing you with an unforgettable experience and building a relationship that will last a lifetime. With Buckner Homes Realty, Inc, I have enough tools and knowledge to conquer whatever tasks stand in our way!

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