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Jan. 23, 2023

Incredible Features in Today's Luxury Homes

We scoured top sources like luxatic.commymove.com, and latitudedesignsb.com to find the ultimate luxury features they found in high-end homes. 


If you are selling or upgrading your home, take note of some of these, as buyers may be on the search for them. If you want a luxury home in Ocala, keep an eye out for some of these fancy features! 



Lap Pool, Temperature-Controlled Pool, Indoor Swimming Pools


Young Woman Relaxing By Indoor Swimming Pool


Throw some smart lighting in there to set yours apart. Pools are more than just a body of water. They are a relaxation station, workout area, and entertainment piece. Get a temperature-controlled or indoor swimming pool if you live in a colder climate. 


Home Theater


Projectors have become very popular, so an entire movie theater steps it up (especially if you have comfy seats and a popcorn machine). A home theater should have all the features people expect from a luxurious cinema experience. It should include top-of-the-line audio and video technology, such as an HDTV or projector, a surround sound system, comfortable seating with plush cushions, dark, light-blocking curtains or shades on all windows, dimmable LED lighting, and a soundproof space. As well as this essential equipment, many luxurious theaters may also feature carpeted flooring and wall coverings to absorb sound and building insulation to reduce noise pollution from the outside world.


Huge Walk-In Closet


No, not a big closet. A HUGE closet you can walk around in. If you have closet space, you will use it. So, a vast wardrobe will be perfect for those who want to showcase their items like shoes, handbags, and more accessories. You will also be able to organize and access various outfits easily.


In-Home Lift


For those nights when you have bowled too much, the movie ran late, and the stairs are just too much. In-home lifts are great if you cater events at your home and the kitchen is on a separate floor from the party location. 


Full Gym, Sauna, Yoga Studio


Full Home Gym


No more excuses for not exercising! Bring the trainer to your home too. Full gyms include the latest technology, like live/virtual workouts. Saunas can also be outside of the house for a mental getaway.




Whether in the pool or a free-standing wall in your home, a waterfall will help you relax with the sound of flowing water. Lighting features make waterfalls even more attractive and can softly illuminate your home. 


Indoor Bowling Alley


Keep this one off the second floor, and make sure your basement is soundproof. For an added touch, glow-in-the-dark options are fun for kids (and adults), and customized pins and balls make the experience truly unique. 


Tennis Court, Putting Greens


Bring the club to you when you don't have time to go to the country club. Tennis courts are prevalent for low maintenance, but putting greens adds some flair to your yard and can be fun if you decide to make your pool an obstacle. A high-end home putting green should feature professional-grade quality turf, with strategically placed hazards and challenging greens. The hole should have an auto-return function for easy retrieval of golf balls. The surface should require low maintenance and artificial turf, pavers, or recycled rubber materials that are soft on the feet and reduce excess noise. Other luxury features could include night lighting, overhanging pergolas, seating areas to enjoy the game while entertaining guests, storage spaces to keep golf accessories in one place, and windscreens to minimize pesky breezes.


Home Bars, Wine Cellars


Home Bar


Add these to a Secret Room With Hidden Door and have a unique speakeasy theme. Luxury features for a home bar depend on the taste and budget. Still, some standard luxury features include custom cabinets and a countertop built with top-of-the-line materials like granite or marble. Some luxurious home bars can also come with high-end furniture, such as leather couches or stools. Other features could include wet bars, refrigeration units, kegerators, wine fridges, dishwashers, and microwaves. Lighting is also essential: recessed lighting beneath counters is ideal for creating an atmosphere while highlighting what's in the bar area. Finally, don't forget about sound systems –luxury home bars often have installed music systems, Bluetooth speakers, or media players.


Luxury features for a wine cellar include temperature regulation, humidity control, food-grade refrigeration, digital thermometers, and multiple separate zones to hold different wines. Many prefer a room with wine racks securely attached to the walls and a floor-racking system that allows storing bottles horizontally or vertically. Upscale cellars will have additional extras like built-in lighting systems and tasting areas, with seating and storage cabinets for glassware. Finally, adding decorative elements like murals or high-end artwork can significantly add to the aesthetic appeal of your home's luxurious wine cellar.


Outdoor Kitchens


Outdoor kitchens are great for gathering with friends and family during the year's warmer months. They provide a convenient place to cook meals and snacks for guests, allowing everyone to enjoy outdoor recreation without wandering far from home. Outdoor kitchens come complete with grilling surfaces and seating areas, making it easy for guests to stay around the fire and talk about beloved memories, discuss current events, or make plans for future adventures. In addition, outdoor kitchens create an inviting atmosphere in your backyard, providing a lovely way to spend time with loved ones.


Leisure Rooms


Gaming room with billiards and darts for adults (maybe in your indoor bowling alley), the same concept but with video games for kids, and a massive library with proper seating for diving into a good book.


Massive Bedrooms


The bedroom is YOUR domain! Enjoy all the space and reduce clutter to help create a clear mind. A massive bedroom is ideal if you want to section off a portion as a permanent or temporary walled-off changing area. It is your room, so do what you want!


Formal Dining Rooms


Remember that lavish room you weren't allowed to play in as a child? We find it interesting as the formal dining room slowly faded away but has found its way back. A luxurious dining area is excellent for dinner parties, thus creating a sense of community and friendship. 


Latest Technology


tablet with smart home screen


Luxury tends to be synonymous with status symbols, and the latest tech attains that high status. Artificial intelligence, touchless, and health should all be critical when considering the newest tech you should have in a luxury home. 


Smart Toilets


Your traditional throne got a significant upgrade. Some of the most coveted features of a smart toilet include automatic flushing, self-cleaning toilets, motion sensors for hands-free lid lifting and closing, heated seats, flush analysis technology to save water, foot warmers, air dryers, deodorizing systems, tap-operated control functions, bidet functionality, night lights, etc.




This is a simple, long-standing luxury. Skylights let natural light in on a bright sunny day, and we often forget to enjoy them at night to stare at the sky and during rain or snow for a nice relaxing break from the monotony. 


Smart Home Monitoring


Smart Home Monitoring is a system of connected devices that allows homeowners to automate and control different parts of their homes from anywhere. This technology simplifies everyday tasks like setting the thermostat, watering the lawn, or checking security cameras. With Smart Home Monitoring, users can save energy and improve home safety and comfort by having remote access to their homes. Additionally, they can save time and money by automating specific tasks (you can even have your groceries automatically ordered when low). Smart Home Monitoring gives users more control over the various aspects of their homes while increasing convenience and security.


Touch-less Waterfall Faucets


Infrared sensing technology detects the presence of hands and streams out the correct water level. Its top feature is its hygienic nature - users don't have to worry about other people's germs left on the handle since they never even have to touch it. It also helps conserve water with its near-instant shut-off when the user removes their hands. Modern designs with attractive finishes make these faucets perfect for any modern household, providing convenience, ease, and great style.


These are just a few features of a luxury home in Ocala. With the available land in the area, we are sure you could find some of your own (horse track comes to mind). Contact us today if you want to find a luxury home or a location to build your dream home.

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Dec. 15, 2022

Top Features Homes Buyers Want

stuccco.com's article "The Top 12 Most-Wanted Home Features in 2022" had some surprising results. When we think of features, we tend to think of garages, pools, and other luxuries. However, we really liked the top three, so we wanted to elaborate on them.

Before we dive into each topic, make sure to visit these links to see if homes in your area have these features. You will be able to get a better idea of how you want to price your home and if one of these features might entice buyers to you rather than another listing. 

Homes for sale under 100,000
Homes for sale under 200,000
Homes for sale under 400,000
Luxury homes for sale

87% of Buyers Want a Laundry Room

People like having everything they need in one place like a washer dryer combo, which saves them from having to go back out to the garage or basement to wash clothes. They also like a spacious area where they can hang up wet clothes to air dry, and a place to keep dirty items so they aren't in the homeowner's bedroom.  Not every home has an extra room just to do laundry, but a walk-in closet and smart design can be a pleasing substitute. 

87% of Buyers Want Exterior Lighting

Popular exterior lighting features include floodlights mounted on poles, wall lights, spotlights, ground lights, and outdoor track lighting. Outdoor lighting fixtures are typically installed for security purposes, such as illuminating walkways at night. They may also be used for decorative purposes like accentuating a home’s architecture or landscape.

As smart homes become more popular, many homebuyers want to consider remote access to security lights. If you were already planning on installing security lights, this is a good feature to keep in mind. However, there are many smart home options and you may not want to decide for a potential homebuyer.

83% of Buyers Want Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans seem simple, don't they? However, there are three main categories of ceiling fans: single-speed, variable-speed, and light control. Single-speed fans do not have any power adjustment and only move at one speed. Variable speed fans use a motor that has a built-in adjustable speed control. They generally have fewer features, but they can adjust the speed from slow to fast. Light control fans allow you to turn lights on or off using buttons near the fan's blades.

Traditional ceiling fans have controls on the wall and are attached to a hanging line, while higher-end fans have remote controls and motion sensors.

Before you make a design decision for your potential buyer, consider a cheaper ceiling fan or just the mount installation. Future homeowners may have a different style than you. Chandelier-style fans may be fancy to you, but a minimalist design could be on a buyer's mind. 

Following the top three features listed above, stuccco.com's research also notes these results:
83% of Buyers Want ENERGY STAR-rated Windows
82% of Buyers Want a Patio
81% of Buyers Want a Side-by-Side Kitchen Sink
81% of Buyers Want a Walk-in Pantry
81% of Buyers Want a Front Porch
81% of Buyers Want ENERGY STAR-Rated Appliances
81% of Buyers Want Hardwood Floors in the Living Areas
80% of Buyers Want a Full Bath In Main Living Area
80% of Buyers Want Energy Efficient Lighting

We could dive into each of these topics extensively, but many of these features are up to whether you want to install them to increase the value of your home. Need help, contact us today! 

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Oct. 11, 2022

What To Look For When Buying An Ocala Horse Farm

World Equestrian Center OcalaHorse farms for sale in Ocala, Florida offer many different opportunities for people interested in owning horses. Many people move here for the World Equestrian Center that offers boarding services, but others want a working ranch where you can ride and train your horse or a place to raise horses for show or breeding. For the latter, there are plenty of options available.

View More
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Sept. 17, 2022

Buying A Home In Ocala Florida - What Are The Mental Requirements?

Buying a home in the Sunshine State can be an exciting experience, but it also comes with its fair share of headaches. This article will give you all the information you need to avoid making costly mistakes when purchasing a new property.

Questions Before Buying A Home

View More
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Nov. 10, 2021

Baby Steps to Financial Freedom



The Ramsey Team has put together a list of Baby Step that if you concentrate on them and complete them You can be Debt Free in no time.   Do One Step at a time and put all you have in that step and you will be amazed how quickly you be Free.



Baby Steps

If you have any questions about these steps give me a call.  I can help you!

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Sept. 19, 2021

Ramsey 12 Lies That Keep you in Debt

Debt—it’s as normal as waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth. But just because debt is “normal” doesn’t mean it’s good for you. We have a fun little saying around here when it comes to debt: Debt is dumb. It really is.

Debt robs your present and steals from your future. Debt keeps you stuck in a cycle that makes it impossible to build wealth. But sometimes, people are so caught up with being in debt, they can’t see a way out.

There are all sorts of excuses people give for staying in debt instead of taking steps to become debt-free, and all of them are bogus. Don’t fall for any of these 12 lies:

1. Debt is normal (or even beneficial).

How many times have you heard one of these money myths:

You need to have a good credit score! (No, you don’t.)

There are good debts—and tax benefits! (No, there really aren’t.)

It’s okay to have a car payment and student loans! (No, it’s not.)


2. Money is complicated.

A lot of people in debt think they have to be some sort of math wizard to understand and win with money. But that’s a load of crap!


3. You’ll never make enough money to live debt-free.

Whether it takes you six months or six years, paying off your debt is possible no matter what your income looks like.

4. The sacrifices aren’t worth it.

Sometimes it’s not about making more—it’s about spending less.


5. Having a budget limits freedom.

Some people in debt don’t even know how much debt they’re in (or how much it’s costing them), because they’re not keeping track of it.


6. You need to keep up appearances.


This comparison game is known as the dreaded “keeping up with the Joneses” mindset. But little do you know, the Joneses have a leased BMW and they took out a huge loan to redo that kitchen.

7. “I want it, and I want it now!”

It’s all fake. A lot of the time, you can’t afford that stuff. And it’s only going to weigh you down.


8. Not using debt is a scary lifestyle change.

Reality is, it’s just as easy to buy things without debt.

9. Getting out of debt isn’t a priority.

As long as I make the minimum payments every month, it’s not that big of a deal.

Uh . . . yes, it’s still a big deal—and an expensive one!

10. You don’t need your spouse to be on the same page.

Money and relationships can be tricky territory, but it’s even worse when a couple isn’t seeing eye to eye. I have tried it and once he got on the same page as me our snowball effect took off and we had money after Friday's.

11. You need a credit card for emergencies.

Look, emergencies happen (Christmas is not one of them, FYI). But that’s why you need an emergency fund. Let a fat stash of cash be your safety net—not some overhyped piece of plastic that charges you fees just for having it.

12. It just isn’t possible.

The truth is, getting out of debt isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline.


Read the whole article at 12 Lies That Keep People in Debt

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Aug. 3, 2021

15 Home Buying Mistakes

Dave Ramsey has great tips to help you no go into debt which helps you in the future.

Here are 15 Home Buying Mistakes you do not want to do-

Mistake #1: Buying a House When You Have Debt

Mistake #2: Buying a House You Can’t Afford

Mistake #3: Not Saving Enough for a Down Payment

Mistake #4: Forgetting About Closing Costs and Moving Expenses

Mistake #5: Not Getting Preapproved

Mistake #6: Getting the Wrong Mortgage

Mistake #7: Cosigning Your Mortgage

Mistake #8: Buying Mortgage Points

Mistake #9: Not Using a Real Estate Agent

Mistake #10: Focusing on Style Over Structure

Mistake #11: Ignoring Resale Value

Mistake #12: Buying Without a Home Inspection

Mistake #13: Not Walking Away From a Bad Deal

Mistake #14: Taking on Credit While Closing

Mistake #15: Forgetting About Insurance


How to Buy a Home the Smart Way

Rhonda Buckner is a Trusted Partner with Dave Ramsey and she will help you understand the way Dave's program works and help you get a great deal for you.


Read the whole article from Dave Ramsey  



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April 29, 2021

Skip the home inspection?


Scheduling Inspections Quickly

With the housing market being so hot right now, I know sometimes it’s tempting to skip the inspection to (hopefully) close the deal.  That’s taking a gamble, we all know that.  In a quick Google search here’s just a few of the recent articles that came up about the topic:

>Should you waive a home inspection? Real estate experts say no.

>More Buyers Are Skipping Home Inspections. Tales of Bats, Termites and Asbestos Should Make You Think Twice.
>In risky move, buyers waive inspections in red hot Twin Cities home market.

"I believe that you always need an inspection, you never know what you can not see with your eyes.  I have seen beautiful homes with 60 pages for the inspection." - Rhonda Buckner

"I understand competition is fierce on listings right now and I’m working hard to do anything I possibly can to get the inspection performed quickly so you can proceed with the transaction.  In a market like this flexibility is key and that’s the approach we are taking. " -  Terry Boring

Questions?  Call Strategic Home Inspections anytime and they will be happy to answer questions.  352-867-7625




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Feb. 27, 2021

Skipping the Inspection?

Rushing To Buy A Home During COVID

We all know a home is the biggest investment most people will make in their lifetime. This is probably not a big surprise to you but I think an inspection is a critical part of the process. While the vast majority of buyers DO opt for an inspection, recent articles like this one shows it’s not always the case

(and why that's a mistake).

The article, called “ These people rushed to buy homes during COVID. Now they regret it” shows multiple examples of buyers around the country buying a home without due diligence, including skipping the home inspection. It says low inventory is the biggest culprit leading to these bad decisions. Or, as the article says, “…inventory dropped as many homeowners hesitated to list their properties in the pandemic. The result is that much of the country saw a price spike and bidding wars, brokers said, leaving buyers with little to choose from. In these conditions, many are tempted to waive inspections or skip other due diligence they would normally perform before buying a home.”

As we know, waiving the inspection is a gamble and some of the buyers in the article found out the hard way unfortunately. I know sometimes buyers rush to buy a home they love before it’s off the market, but take it from me, they are taking a BIG chance. A chance that's simply not worth the risk. "You run into this lack of awareness and lack of time, which is not a good combination,” the article says. I agree.

Buckner Homes Realty always believes a home inspection should be done. You have the right to do any inspections you would like at your cost to make sure the house is in good condition.  Call your insurance company before you do your inspection because many insurance companies require certain inspections in order to get you insurance. 


Buckner Homes Realty is here to help you through the home buying process and has inspectors and insurance companies and lenders that will make it easy for you to buy a home.


Call 352-266-2637                             www.BucknerHomesRealty.com  

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Feb. 18, 2021

Title Problems or questions?

Here are some of the title issues that occur most frequently:

You Could Lose Your Home



1.     Forged deeds, mortgages, satisfactions, or releases

2.     Deed by person who is insane or mentally incompetent

3.     Deed by minor (may be disavowed)

4.     Deed from corporation, unauthorized under corporate by- laws or given under falsified corporate resolution

5.     Deed from partnership, unauthorized under partnership agreement

6.     Deed from purported trustee, unauthorized under trust agreement

7.     Deed to or from a “corporation” before incorporation, or after loss of corporate charter

8.     Deed from a legal nonentity (styled, for example, as a church, charity, or club)

9.     Deed by person in a foreign country, vulnerable to challenge as incompetent, unauthorized, or defective under foreign laws

10.   Claims resulting from use of “alias” or fictitious name style by a predecessor in title

11.   Deed challenged as being given under fraud, undue influence, or duress

12.   Deed following nonjudicial foreclosure, where required procedure was not followed

  13.   Deed affecting land in judicial proceedings (bankruptcy, receivership, probate, conservatorship, dissolution of marriage) unauthorized by court

 14.   Deed following judicial proceedings subject to appeal or further court order

 15.   Deed following judicial proceedings where all necessary parties were not joined

 16.   Lack of jurisdiction over persons or property in judicial proceedings

 17.   Deed signed by mistake (grantor did not know what was signed)

 18.   Deed executed under falsified power of attorney

 19.   Deed executed under expired power of attorney (death, disability, or insanity of principal)

 20.   Deed apparently valid, but actually delivered after death of grantor or grantee, or without consent of grantor

 21.   Deed affecting property purported to be separate property of grantor, which is in fact community or jointly owned property

  22.   Undisclosed divorce of one who conveys as sole heir of deceased former spouse



You Could Lose Your Home with these


 23.   Deed affecting property of deceased person, not joining all heirs

24.   Deed following administration of estate of missing person who later reappears

25.   Conveyance by heir or survivor of a joint estate who murdered the decedent

26.   Conveyances and proceedings affecting the rights of service member protected by the Service-Members Civil Relief Act

27.   Conveyance void as in violation of public policy (payment

of gambling debt, payment for contract to commit crime, or conveyance made in restraint of trade)

28.   Deed to land including “wetlands” subject to public trust (vesting title in government to protect public interest in navigation, commerce, fishing, and recreation)

29.   Deed from government entity, vulnerable to challenge as unauthorized or unlawful

30.   Ineffective release of prior satisfied mortgage due to acquisition of note by bona-fide purchaser (without notice of satisfaction)

31.   Ineffective release of prior satisfied mortgage due to bankruptcy of creditor prior to recording of release (avoiding powers in bankruptcy)

32.   Ineffective release of prior mortgage or lien, as fraudulently obtained by predecessor in title

33.   Disputed release of prior mortgage or lien, as given under mistake or misunderstanding

34.   Ineffective subordination agreement causing junior interest to be reinstated to priority

35.   Deed recorded but not properly indexed so as to be locatable in the land records

36.   Undisclosed but recorded federal or state tax lien

37.   Undisclosed but recorded judgment or spousal/child support lien

38.   Undisclosed but recorded prior mortgage

39.   Undisclosed but recorded notice of pending lawsuit affecting land

40.   Undisclosed but recorded environmental lien

41.   Undisclosed but recorded option, or right of first refusal, to purchase property

42.   Undisclosed but recorded covenants or restrictions, with (or without) rights of reverter

43.   Undisclosed but recorded easements (for access, utilities, drainage, airspace, views) benefiting neighboring land

44.   Undisclosed but recorded boundary, party wall, or setback agreements

45.   Errors in tax record (mailing tax bill to wrong party resulting in tax sale, or crediting payment to wrong property)

46.   Erroneous release of tax or assessment liens, which are later reinstated to the tax rolls

47.   Erroneous reports furnished by tax officials (not binding local government

48.   Special assessments which become liens upon passage of a law or ordinance, but before recorded notice or commencement of improvements of which assessment is made

49.   Adverse claim of vendors lien


50.   Adverse claim of equitable lien

51.   Ambiguous covenants or restrictions in ancient documents

52.   Misinterpretation of wills, deeds, and other instruments

53.   Discovery of will of supposed intestate individual, after probate

54.   Discovery of later will after probate of first will

55.   Erroneous or inadequate legal description

56.   Deed to land without a right of access to a public street or road

57.   Deed to land with legal access subject to undisclosed but recorded conditions or restrictions

58.   Right of access wiped out by foreclosure on neighboring land

59.   Patent defects in recorded instruments (for example, failure to attach notarial acknowledgment or a legal description)

60.   Defective acknowledgment due to lack of authority of notary (acknowledgment taken before commission or after expiration of commission)

61.   Forged notarization or witness acknowledgment

62.   Deed not properly recorded (wrong county, missing pages or other contents, or without required payment)

63.   Deed from grantor who is claimed to have acquired title through fraud upon creditors of a prior owner


 extended coverage may be requested to protect  against such additional defects as:


64.   Deed to a purchaser from one who has previously sold or leased the same land to a third party under an unrecorded contract, where the third party is in possession of the premises

65.   Claimed prescriptive rights, not of record and not disclosed by survey

66.   Physical location of easement (underground pipe or sewer line) which does not conform with easement of record

67.   Deed to land with improvements encroaching upon land of another

68.   Incorrect survey (misstating location, dimensions, area easements, or improvements upon land)

69.   “Mechanics’ lien” claims (securing payment of contractors and material suppliers for improvements) which may attach without recorded notice

70.   Federal estate or state inheritance tax liens (may attach without recorded notice)

71.   Preexisting violation of subdivision mapping laws*

72.   Preexisting violation of zoning ordinances*

73.   Preexisting violation of conditions, covenants, and restrictions affecting the land*


And many more…


If you have any questions call Affiliated Title 352-369-4300




Rhonda Buckner


Buckner Homes Realty Inc

2701 Maricamp RD #103

Ocala, Fl 34471


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