TIP 1: Be sure if you are getting the house at the price that is close or at the same level with prevailing real estate’s price. You might not be sure about the price and it is always advisable to check for sold home prices on popular real estate websites.

Real estate websites will give you price and idea on how much you should pay for your desired home.

TIP 2: Most times, first-time buyers always find it difficult to repay mortgage because of the high monthly payment. This can be caused by little or no research and inefficient planning before getting a mortgage.

A mortgage calculator is ok but a GOOD loan officer is a must

TIP 3: It is advisable you add housing cost to your planning list before getting a home. Know homeowners insurance and property tax is included  into the monthly mortgage amount.

When renting you do not have to think of those costs. In some cases and areas, taxes double the amount to be paid for the mortgage.

To have an idea of how much insurance can cost, choose a property you will like and call up the insurance companies to give you the exact amount that will be paid. To get details about Property tax, it is on public tax web sites.  Your Realtor is the best help, ask questions.

TIP 4: Calculate the amount that will be spent on closing. The closing cost include but is not limited to lender fees, tax and insurance, title and settlement fees and other prepaid fees like the homeowners association charge.

TIP 5: Set up a budget before shifting to the new home. Fannie Mae stated that spending over 30% of your income on household expenses can make one house poor.

TIP 6: Gather enough information from the real estate agent. Keep yourself abreast about the rise and fall in price and the local climate.

TIP 7: Getting a new home is an investment. Therefore maintenance is key to keeping the home in good condition.

In conclusion, jumping into decisions without following due process can make you find house buying difficult. Follow the steps/ tips explained in the article and enjoy the process of buying your first house.  Contact Buckner Homes Realty, they are here to help you and make it easy for you.