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DIY Renovations Causing Inspection Problems

I’m sure you’ve all seen them, home inspection pictures that show some of the unbelievable things we inspectors find. Trust me, over the years I’ve seen my share of crazy things.

Many of these inspection issues originates with a home owner deciding they could upgrade or fix something on their own instead of calling a professional. Unfortunately, these funny stories often turn into inspection problems down the road when it’s time to sell the house. Some of the main DIY issues I’ve seen fall into three categories:

The homeowner never pulled a permit.  I’ve seen many “repairs” or changes where a permit was obviously never pulled which indicates it was a DIY gone wrong job.

Wrong materials. Professionals know what materials to use to make something secure, safe and long lasting. Many DIY jobs end up needing repairs for this reason alone.

Overconfidence. Just because you watched an HGTV marathon doesn’t mean you’re ready to redo the bathroom on your own. While some of these projects end up functionally (sort of) working, they look nothing like what you saw on tv.


 Have a question about a concerning DIY job you’ve seen? If so, call me with questions. I’m always happy to help.


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