Buckner Homes Realty Inc. has the experience to help you in the home selling process.  We make it easy because we know the problems that can happen and divert them when possible. We get our Sellers top dollar. 

We live in a fantastic age where information is only a click away. There are plenty of places to look for the home of your dreams, and you probably have a good idea of what you want or need in your future residence. Nevertheless, there are many good reasons why nearly 90% of all people who purchase homes today opt to have a real estate professional on their side:

Your Agent Will Represent You.

The real estate professional you hire owes you fiduciary responsibilities that protect you, allowing you to be able to shop with confidence, and security. These are their responsibilities:

  • Loyalty: Your REALTOR® must be loyal to you and work in your best interests only, even if that is above their own best interests. You are their #1 highest priority during a real estate transaction.
  • Confidentiality: Your REALTOR® must keep anything you tell them private and confidential. In other words, your price, terms, motivation, and personal information are all kept under a tight lip.
  • Disclosure: Your real estate professional has a vast wealth of knowledge about the real estate transaction process. They will share anything they've learned from their years of experience to help set you up for success. This allows you to know you are always making the most informed decisions.
  • Obedience: Your REALTOR® must obey all of your lawful instructions. You are in the driver seat.
  • Reasonable Care: As a client of your REALTOR®, you are the most important person to the transaction. They will always attempt to be available when needed and will make sure to help you locate the best possible home for your family.
  • Accounting: The real estate transaction is a challenging process. Your REALTOR® is accountable for ensuring that the transaction runs smoothly, all the pieces fall into place as expected, the numbers match the offer, as well as the financing approval and closing docs are taken care of.

Rhonda with Buckner Homes Realty has years of experience and knowledge that will help you in the selling process.  Give me a call any time.  My web site has a lot of great information on the sales process to help you. Check it out.

Rhonda Buckner