Buying that home you have planned for is possibly the most important and exciting thing in your life. If you want to make this feeling a lifelong one, it is very important you give full attention to the basics of home buying in order to make a knowledgeable decision. Below is the list of frequent errors you need to stay clear of before you begin the house buying process.

Not confirming your credit report

It is crucial to examine ones credit report to confirm if one is eligible to secure a home loan. Knowing what is on your credit and fixing problems that are on there will help your score.  Contact a good lender and he will explain anything that needs to be done so you are ready to buy your home. You may then hunt for a home, with Buckner Homes Realty ,as soon as you get pre approved.

Not devoting full awareness of some hidden costs

While one’s creditworthiness is useful for securing a particular home loan amount, it is important to note that a real estate purchase does not equal the property’s price. The home-buying process includes several hidden costs which include charges, renovations, taxes and interior decorations of your new home. These costs may look okay, but they really amount to a substantial figure from your finances and may affect your budget.   Buckner Homes Realty will help you recognize cost to come in near future when viewing homes.

Lack of adequate planning ahead

Right now buying is cheaper than renting.  If you want to buy a home you will need to plan on saving some money.   Minimum of $2,000 is needed just for inspections, escrow and lender application fee.  Then you will need down payment which varies according to which loan you qualify for and then is closing costs.  Buckner Homes Realty Realtors know of different ways of helping you save money. We want to keep money in your pocket.

Choose an unexperienced real estate agent and lender

One common mistake usually committed by home-buyers is picking the real-estate agent from a photo or the listing sign. A knowledgeable agent will be very knowledgeable with market trends, prices and right properties. Try to be a wise buyer by conducting your own research.   Rhonda with Buckner  Homes Realty has over 25 years of experience and knowledge to help their customers home buying process go smoothly.  Buckner Homes Realty agents work closely with lenders that have the most loan programs available for their buyers.  We look out for our buyers.

 Not having all dealings in writing

The seller should not be the only one you will get a paperwork done with; it should also be done with everyone included in the home-buying process that includes the real-estate agent and also the money lender.  Hire a Realtor. Buckner Homes Realty.  Then you know that everything will be done legally.  Remember once you sign the contract you will have to fulfill the contract date and terms.   Realtors help you and keep you on track call Buckner Homes Realty for help 352-266-2637