Home Buying Process with Buckner Homes Realty Inc. is different than with any other realtor.  Our agents have the same values, which are to help the customer.  Every home buyer is different and their needs are different.  Buckner Homes Realty Inc. is Ocala’s Realtors that help before, during and after the sale.

Home Buying Steps

1st          Hire Buckner Homes Realty Inc.

2nd        Let them recommend a lender

3rd        View homes

4th        Homeownership

Once you hire Buckner homes Realty as your buyers agent, you will get a lot of information on the next steps.  You ask what needs to be done before you buy a home?  A lot.  Every buyer needs contact the recommended lender to find out how much they qualify to purchase before they start looking at homes.  Many times we help them fix their credit or help them know the problems that need tweaking.

Once you have your approval Buckner Homes Realty is ready to help you find your dream home.  Your agent will discuss with your dream home.  Then it is our job to find it for you.  Viewing home will be fun.  We could find it on the first try or maybe take a few days to find the right home.

During the home buying process we walk you step by step, coordinate everything and help with any obstacles that come your way.  We make it easy for you.

It is vitally important to be honest and upfront with the lender and Realtor. They are here to help you.  In the loan process they will find everything and it is easier to fix upfront then in the middle of the deal or lose your home because of a misunderstanding.

Review the steps of the home buying process and if you have any questions big or small, call 352-266-2637 or email Rhonda@BucknerHomesRealty.com.