The Home Buying Process – Need Credit Help?

Buying a home is a very big step and there are a lot of things to consider. 

First - You need representation.  Someone who knows the laws and is knowledgeable about the real estate market you are looking in.  Not all Realtors are the same. Call Rhonda.

Your life revolves around your credit score.  You need to know what your score is and what you need to do to keep it going higher.  If you know what makes it go up or down then you are in control.

Here are a few things everyone needs to know:

1-   NEVER go over 50% of you available credit on your credit cards.   – Paying them down below 50% will increase your credit score.

2-     If you do not have available credit , get 2 credit cards (even if they are secured cards) and put a tank of gas on them, pay the bill on time when it comes in and keep doing that until your score gets to where you want it to be.

 You need a lender that looks out for your best interest. There are a lot of different types of loan programs.  You need someone knowledgeable and helpful to explain the difference.  I recommend Rick Durham with Home Town Lenders, 352-804-5883 or     He will be able to tell you what to pay and what not to touch on your credit report to get your score where you can purchase a home.

Once you find out what you are qualified for and talk to lender about the payment you want, then it is time to work with Buckner Homes Realty’s agent help find the home you want.  Call Rhonda, 352-266-2637 so I can find you your dream home.

I am always here to help you.

Let me know how I can help.

Rhonda Buckner