Not all home buyers possess the knowledge that they have to save  for down payment, save for repairs ,in order to be able to bear the monthly expenses of home ownership  and other financial considerations that stands to be gained from owning their personal home . It is very important for first time home buyers to understand, consider and be very wise in order to make their decision making an easy process. In consideration of all these, this post aims to discuss and analyze crucial, important financial considerations for purchasing a home.

  1. Payment of Tax

Tax deductions for those living in the upper class region especially the tax payment involving home ownership is now considerably lesser than what it used to be, this being up to around $10,000 in tax payment, from the federal tax return, as well as payment of both the state and local taxes. So if you still have doubts about the benefits of home ownership versus renting, then you should consider that factor. Home ownership is much more beneficial, economical than renting due to the appreciation and equity involved.

  1. Mortgage interest

Mortgage interest, in consideration of the amount paid is tax deductible e.g. one million dollars mortgage, looking at this, you may purchase if it’s sensible to you. So as a wise consumer, you must consider if your monthly expenses are within your budget and capabilities, and also your pleasures etc.

  1. The Real Estate Market

 You should know that when it comes to real estate, the local areas differ from each other in terms of appreciation and depreciation i.e. certain regions appreciate more and depreciate less than others. However what should be of priority is whether the location of the home of your choice meets your needs and desires before purchasing, this is because unlike renting, buying a home entails bigger commitment that renting.

  1. Have a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) conducted on the home

You should never buy a house unless you check to find out it’s worth, this is to actually reflect what you paid for it. The best way to do this is to get an expert, real estate agent to carry out a well-considered, suitable Competitive Market Analysis CMA.

  1. Check if the assessment correlates with the amount paid

It is very crucial for you to carry out an assessment on the property you are about to purchase for the price offered or else you won’t get the mortgage you need. Mortgage lenders only give mortgages based on the value gotten from the assessment, not on what you have to offer. So if the home you are purchasing has a value not as high as the amount you are willing to pay, you need to present a much bigger down-payment in order to make up for the difference.

As a wise buyer, you need to study a lot of crucial factors and above financial considerations should not be omitted. They make you a very intelligent home buyer.