Finding a Real Estate Agent

You set your max budget, saved up your down payment, and even got preapproved for a mortgage. What a rock star!

Now it’s time to find a home. Right?

Hold up! You’re about to enter the real estate realm. There’s no telling how many unknowns are out there waiting to snag you and your money. After all, a house will be one of your biggest financial possessions, and you want to make the most of your investment. Don’t do this alone.

Sure, you can fill your brain with everything there is to know about a home purchase until your head explodes. But nothing compares to the ongoing support of an expert who eats, sleeps and breathes real estate. You need a veteran who knows how to find you the best deal on the house of your dreams.

You need a real estate agent.


Why Work With a Real Estate Agent?

Aren’t real estate agents only for people who want to sell a home? No way! There are real estate agents, called buyer’s agents, who specifically work to help you hunt down and purchase the home that’s right for you. A buyer’s agent can help you:

·         Figure out what kinds of homes you can expect in your market and price range


·         Find the latest home listings with up-to-date information through a multiple listing service (MLS)


·         Beat competing buyers who are only searching online


·         Negotiate the right price for your perfect home


How to Choose the Right Agent

You may know some real estate agents in your area, but not all of them bring the same knowledge and experience to the table. It may be tempting to hire the first agent you talk to just to save time and effort, but fight that urge! Interview at least three agents before you make a decision. A true pro brings all this to the table:

·         Full-time real estate experience of at least a couple of years


·         A list of 35 completed home transactions per year or proof they close more home transactions than 90% of the agents in their market


·         Great communication skills


·         Experience assisting first-time home buyers


·         A super-serving attitude that makes you feel like you’re their only client


We came up with these standards back when we started our Endorsed Local Providers (ELP) program—a free way to help home buyers like you quickly find real estate agents who follow what we teach and are known as the best agents in their market.

How Much Does a Buyer’s Agent Cost?

Guess what? Working with a real estate agent is totally free for buyers! It’s standard for the seller to cover the commission for your buyer’s agent, so you never have to worry about the cost. In fact, a good agent will actually save you money. Your agent will put their negotiation skills to work to get the best price and the sweetest deal.

Navigating the Market With a Pro

It’s difficult to predict what will happen with the housing market. Even if you already have some experience buying a home, the housing market can change rapidly from one month to the next. And what’s happening in the Arizona housing market might be quite different from what’s going on in Iowa. But if you work with an experienced real estate agent to navigate the trends in your area, you’ll stay on track with your home-buying plan!

Helping You Buy a Home in Any Season

Think nobody’s going to sell you their home during the cold months of winter? Wrong! Sure, back in the day before the internet, the change of seasons dictated the real estate market. But now, with 24/7 access to property listings, serious home buyers are always on the lookout as they scroll through the latest listings on their phone during their kid’s hockey game or browse on their tablet before bed. Today’s home sellers know you’re out there and ready to buy no matter the season. So don’t feel like you need to wait for spring. Now might be the best time to get an awesome deal on a home you’ll love!

Find an Agent Who Shares Your Financial Values

For a quick and easy way to find one of the top-performing real estate agents in your area, try our free Endorsed Local Providers (ELP) program. We make sure the agents in our ELP program understand and support the financial path you’re on and won’t push you to overspend on a house just so they can bring home a bigger commission check.

Find your real estate agent today! 

Rhonda Buckner is our Ocala Trusted Realtor, give her a call 352-266-2637