Top 5 Things to Consider When Working From Home

This past year has brought plenty of unexpected changes to the way that we live, work, and interact with our spaces. The transition to remote working situations has been one of the side effects of the pandemic that will likely continue long after coronavirus.

So with more and more businesses transitioning to a WFH format, prospective home buyers have a whole new rubric for considering their needs when embarking on the journey of searching for the perfect home.

If you are in the market for a new home, what kinds of things will you need to consider to help you create a superb work from home environment? In this article we will take a look at the top five things to consider, from how to arrange your home space to what kind of tech you will need.

1. Separate Your Spaces

While it may be tempting to start work from any old place in the house, stick to the concept of the office. By separating your spaces, you are able to make it clear to the rest of your family that you are at work when you are in the office- and having a separate space for yourself allows you to focus more fully on the task at hand, without a cluttered mind busy with the requirements of home life.

Resist the urge to start working on the laptop from bed, or at the kitchen table. When you look for a new home, take into account which kinds of potential office spaces are available. You will want to find a separate room far away from the center of home activity, if possible. Try to seek out a space with ample natural lighting- studies have shown that exposure to natural light during the workday can improve productivity by up to 40%.

If you can clearly demarcate a professional space with a clean, organized atmosphere in your home, you will be better able to navigate the different aspects of your life. That way, when you “come home from the office”, you can fully relax.

2. Consider Tech Needs

With remote learning, video conference calls, virtual workspaces, digital file-sharing platforms, and online streaming entertainment, your new work from home lifestyle relies heavily on the internet.

Ensure that your home Wi-Fi is up to speed by researching the best broadband speeds available in your area. If the service provided by your current provider does not meet the increased demand established by the transition to remote work, consider switching service providers. Or purchase a new Wi-Fi router that can help boost your home internet performance.

This is an essential foundation for remote working success; you definitely want to avoid fearing that the internet will cut out right in the middle of an important conference call or e-commerce transaction.

3. Establish Sound Boundaries

In addition to marking out a separate space for remote work, you will want to include a sound boundary. Install a surround sound speaker system in your office for calming background music or ambient noise.

There are hundreds of white noise apps geared at helping create a productive atmosphere, and studies have shown that these apps and sound frequencies really can help to improve your focus. If you prefer a more natural sonic background sound, you can check out apps or sites like, a website which simply plays soothing rain sounds around the clock.

If you live in a household with children or pets, you may also want to invest in soundproofing options. Block out the noisy distractions of your children’s online learning courses, or barking dogs by installing panels or insulation. The last thing you want is for that remote business deal meeting to be interrupted by, for example, your loud mewing cat.

4. Customize Your Space

Starting afresh with a brand new office space allows you to plan out the best possible working space for you- especially when it is in your own home. Do some research to find the most comfortable desk chair for your workspace. Keep in mind height, depth, material, and ergonomic options.

Look into how you use your space. Perhaps a stand-up desk would work for you, increasing your circulation and preventing some of the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. If possible, use a separate computer monitor for work than you do for weekend entertainment. Include a desk that is shaped to suit your needs- whether that is full of drawers with ample storage space, or broad and long so you can spread out files and supplies.

Adjust the lighting to help improve your mood and productivity while working from home. Include different options, from intimate desk lamps to clear overhead lighting. Take the time to customize your home office so you feel ready to work each time you enter.

5. Keep it Clean

While it is always important to keep your workspace clean, organized, and free of clutter, this is especially significant now that you are working from home. Plan for unexpected video chats by keeping one wall clear of personal items or too many images, so you can present a clean, professional image onscreen during meetings and chats.

Limit the items on your desk to the bare essentials. Keep your home filing system organized and tidy, so you don’t have to waste time or energy searching through piles of unnecessary documents. Take the time to throw away old files and papers before you establish your home office space. That way, when you sit down to work, you have a clear idea of where everything is and what it will be used for.

Working From Home

Many company employees are finding that working from home allows them to do their jobs better. They are more efficient, more focused, more productive, and less stressed. By keeping in mind the important tips above, you can set yourself up for real success in the home workplace- and enjoy the after work hours all the more for it.

If you are going to start working from home and need more room you can add on or find a new home with an office space.  Buckner Homes Realty is here to help you with selling and buying if need be.  Call Rhonda Buckner 352-266-2637