's article "The Top 12 Most-Wanted Home Features in 2022" had some surprising results. When we think of features, we tend to think of garages, pools, and other luxuries. However, we really liked the top three, so we wanted to elaborate on them.

Before we dive into each topic, make sure to visit these links to see if homes in your area have these features. You will be able to get a better idea of how you want to price your home and if one of these features might entice buyers to you rather than another listing. 

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87% of Buyers Want a Laundry Room

People like having everything they need in one place like a washer dryer combo, which saves them from having to go back out to the garage or basement to wash clothes. They also like a spacious area where they can hang up wet clothes to air dry, and a place to keep dirty items so they aren't in the homeowner's bedroom.  Not every home has an extra room just to do laundry, but a walk-in closet and smart design can be a pleasing substitute. 

87% of Buyers Want Exterior Lighting

Popular exterior lighting features include floodlights mounted on poles, wall lights, spotlights, ground lights, and outdoor track lighting. Outdoor lighting fixtures are typically installed for security purposes, such as illuminating walkways at night. They may also be used for decorative purposes like accentuating a home’s architecture or landscape.

As smart homes become more popular, many homebuyers want to consider remote access to security lights. If you were already planning on installing security lights, this is a good feature to keep in mind. However, there are many smart home options and you may not want to decide for a potential homebuyer.

83% of Buyers Want Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans seem simple, don't they? However, there are three main categories of ceiling fans: single-speed, variable-speed, and light control. Single-speed fans do not have any power adjustment and only move at one speed. Variable speed fans use a motor that has a built-in adjustable speed control. They generally have fewer features, but they can adjust the speed from slow to fast. Light control fans allow you to turn lights on or off using buttons near the fan's blades.

Traditional ceiling fans have controls on the wall and are attached to a hanging line, while higher-end fans have remote controls and motion sensors.

Before you make a design decision for your potential buyer, consider a cheaper ceiling fan or just the mount installation. Future homeowners may have a different style than you. Chandelier-style fans may be fancy to you, but a minimalist design could be on a buyer's mind. 

Following the top three features listed above,'s research also notes these results:
83% of Buyers Want ENERGY STAR-rated Windows
82% of Buyers Want a Patio
81% of Buyers Want a Side-by-Side Kitchen Sink
81% of Buyers Want a Walk-in Pantry
81% of Buyers Want a Front Porch
81% of Buyers Want ENERGY STAR-Rated Appliances
81% of Buyers Want Hardwood Floors in the Living Areas
80% of Buyers Want a Full Bath In Main Living Area
80% of Buyers Want Energy Efficient Lighting

We could dive into each of these topics extensively, but many of these features are up to whether you want to install them to increase the value of your home. Need help, contact us today!