Have you ever wondered what on Earth your real estate agent is doing behind your back?

No, we don’t mean anything underhanded, naughty, or downright felonious—far from it, in fact. So relax. What we're talking about is a mystery: In the sometimes confusing, occasionally hectic, and always stressful world of buying and selling, what are your agents really doing behind the scenes? 

For every hour an agent spends in your presence, he or she will spend an average of nine hours out of eyesight working on your behalf. Why? Because agents don't get paid if they don't close the deal! Unlike lawyers who bill by the hour, agents won't receive a penny until (or unless) a sale comes through. It's all a gamble, in which they could shoot snake eyes and come away empty-handed.

Here are 7 things Buckner Homes Realty Agent do to Earn their keep 

1-   They search property online- This could include looking up flood zones, previewing the homes for out-of-state clients, or any number of specific things

2-  They go networking - Networking with other Realtors that have similar homes for sale or agents with listing close to your home and contact your neighbors to see if they know anyone that wants to live close by.

3-   They spend their own money on marketing- They might advertise in magazine or digitally, fliers, hiring a photographer, and premium placements on listing sites. They know the market and where to get buyers.

4-   They write up offers and counteroffers- They work for you and represent you. They bring all offers with net sheet, so you know what you walk away with at closing.

5-   They stick around for inspections- They find out what needs to be fixed by the home inspector. We know how to negotiate the contract to include what is needed to be fixed or not.

6-   They smooth bumps in the road- Good agents try to shield their clients from the high drama unless there's a reason to fill them in. We coordinate, to make your move smooth.

7-   They keep you calm when the pressure's on- You have to be a problem-solver and keep a positive approach and come up with a positive solution. We have great negotiating skills.

For more information about getting your home ready to sell or seeing what is on the market to move to call me.

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