World Equestrian Center OcalaHorse farms for sale in Ocala, Florida offer many different opportunities for people interested in owning horses. Many people move here for the World Equestrian Center that offers boarding services, but others want a working ranch where you can ride and train your horse or a place to raise horses for show or breeding. For the latter, there are plenty of options available.

Location Is Key

If you're considering purchasing a horse farm in Ocala, location is key. You'll need to consider whether you'd prefer to live on the farm or have a separate location for your home. It is ok to love horses but don't want to live on the farm. Some farm owners have breeders and trainers who live on the property while they are in another location.
Remember, keeping the horses' attention and safety could be difficult if you are by major highways. We suggest you find a farm with a horse stable further from major roads.
Example of Horse Farms for Sale in Ocala FL

Check Out The Property's Landscape

A good place to start looking at a potential property is by checking out its landscape. Is there any evidence of recent flooding? Does the land appear to be well maintained? Do you see any signs of neglect?
These things will help you determine how much upkeep the property needs and if you could endanger your horses. Consistent flooding will mean soft ground, which risks injury. You may want to make sure the property is located near enough to an area where you can easily access medical care.

Find Out About Any Past Issues

If you find that the property has had past issues with environmental concerns, it might not be a good fit for you. Contaminated water could hurt your horse even if they aren't drinking it. Did the stable or home ever have foundation or roof issues and were repairs done?

Ask Questions

Before you start looking at properties, ask questions. Find out how much land the property owner owns, whether there are any easements or restrictions on the property, and whether the property has been inspected by local authorities. Also, do some research online to see if anyone else has purchased the same property in the past. This will give you insight into the market value of the property and help you determine if the price is fair.

Requirements For Horses

If you plan to raise horses in Ocala, Florida, you need to make sure that the area where you live meets certain requirements. Zoning rules and deed restrictions are in place to allow animals and what type of animal. 
One way to get started is to ask the current owner for proof of permits, zoning rules, and deed restrictions. As your real estate agent, we will do our due diligence to acquire as much of this information as possible. Let's get started finding you your horse farm!