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Hi my name is Taria Lea Burgos,

Most everyone calls me Lea. I am originally from Chicago, IL. I ran track in high school and graduated from Maine West Township in Des Plaines, IL.  I worked as a mass production baker while attending college opening the first Panera Bread Fresh Dough Facility! I grew so passionate about baking while I was in college I never worked my major! Instead, we (myself & my 3 children) relocated to Florida in May of 2005. I trained as a bakers apprentice with a baker from Cognac, France with aspirations of opening my own bakery one day. God had other plans, in 2010 I became a traveling clean up manager for a major mall franchisee. I loved teaching, motivating, and achieving sales goals with multiple talent sets across all of Florida. In late 2013 I was getting out of the car to head in to Winn Dixie and felt a sharp pain right in my rear. That pain nagged on for 2 years until I was referred to an amazing neurologist who admitted me into the hospital for emergency surgery- laminectomy of my 5th lumbar, BACK SURGERY! I was so relieved when surgery was over I instantly felt better. Post surgery the doctor explained that it was essential I found a new career. I could not bake any longer, I could not stand on concrete all day, and if I chose not to follow he guaranteed I’d be back on the surgery table with more severe injuries. I was in my early 30’s and everything I thought I knew would be, was now no longer a possibility.  

I went back to school. Technology had a major quiet the update since I was in college.  I honed my skills in Microsoft, Quick Books, and even the latest Customer Relationship Management systems.

My oldest son had always talked about getting into real estate flipping houses as he approached graduation I started the process of getting my real estate license. I realized my love to educate, motivate, and realize goals were all the foundation of real estate. My goal is to help people in real estate through education, service, & realizing the ultimate goal, achieving the American dream!

Home Ownership!

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